• Image of 'Tied in Knots' Screen print, 18" x 24"

This poster was hand screen printed with 6 ink colors (all shades of gray). All grays are flat ink while the black is a high gloss so there is a nice contrast between the glossy black line and the flat ink colors. All printed up on archival, acid-free cardstock.
This is an edition of 75 but I HAVE LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW. Some of the earlier numbers were signed as an edition of 100 but only 75 were printed.

Since these were printed by hand, you may find some inconsistencies within each individual print, they are all truly handmade so please keep that in mind. These are also signed and numbered by hand in pencil so there may be smudges where the pencil was used on the flat ink of the background colors. This is normal, please keep that in mind as well.

Unfortunately I cannot ship these internationally at this time but if you are interested and send me a message, I can get you a quote and send you an invoice later.

Sold Out